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Photographic and fundraising content

We have been working with Badminton School since 2016 and are one of our more recent education clients in the Bristol area.

Since then we have focused on photographic work, producing suites of images to promote both the school and their commercial arm.

Sports Centre

We spoke with Rebecca Tear, Headmistress of Badminton School, to highlight the upcoming changes to the schools sports offering including the development of a new sports centre.

Prospectus Photography

We have been commissioned on numerous occassions to capture photography for both digital and print use.

Commercial Photography

We were commissioned by Badminton School's Operations Manager to produce a suite of images showcasing the school's spaces, grounds and facilities to event, club and conference organisers.

"Nothing but a pleasure to work with and end results that we're consistently over the moon with. Highly recommended."

Helen Read, Marketing Manager, Badminton School

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